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Real ingredients. Paraben-free. USA made.

Featured in "Best of Natural Skincare" in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine 2017 

Featured in Bellevue's premier lifestyle publication, Reflections Magazine 2017

In New York publications including Charity Buzz 


All Tate Naturals products are made of high-quality, certified organic pure plant-based ingredients; free of common ingredients that irritate skin.


*For all skin types. Nourishing & soothing for skin.
*Hypoallergenic, mild & safe for sensitive skin.
*Teen Safe (no triclosan in our products). Safe for kids.
*Free of dyes. Colors are from plant extracts.
*Scented with pure essential oils. Never any artificial fragrances used.
*Paraben, sulfate, and dye free.


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Changing lives one organic soap bar at a time. Our certified organic soap bars make life better! FREE SHIPPING $48 and up.

Say goodbye to synthetic products that dry and irritate skin. Our soap bars don't strip skin of it's natural balance. Crafted with certified organic sunflower oil and coconut oil to comfort skin. Formulated to be gentle and nourishing as your facial soap. For body & face daily. Divine as hand soap. Doesn't contain any ingredients that irritate skin. 



What makes our Luxury Soap Bars so great?

~ They're Certified ORGANIC. With the best plant-based ingredients for daily body care.

~We use SUNFLOWER oil and COCONUT oil in our soap base. Sunflower oil, rich in Vitamin E helps to improve skin health. Coconut oil, for it's ultimate nourishing capabilities. 

~They're Free of chemicals- no parabens, sulfates, dyes, or fragrances.

~ GLYCERIN created from the soap making process is left in our soap for a more luxurious blend, instead of extracting it out for other products. 


Feel the difference of our plant-based luxury soap bars.




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