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How does my store order wholesale? Contact us at to place your order. All product packaging is barcoded and ready for retail. If we are not part of your distributor then we can invoice you directly. Invoices are electronic and go to your store email. Pay with a credit card via secure link. Easy & seamless.

How do I order? To order our organic soap bars, email us at: Include your name, # of soap bars/type, & mailing address. We will then email you an electronic invoice that you can pay online right from the invoice. Orders ship out same day or next business day. Shipping is $8.95. FREE shipping on $48 and up. You can also order Tate Naturals on AMAZON. 

What makes Tate Naturals products so distinctively great? Our products are certified ORGANIC. They are FREE of synthetic fragrances, dyes & preservatives. Wonderful scents are from pure essential oils. Beautiful colors are from plant extracts, not dyes. Preservatives are from plant extracts. FREE of parabens, sulfates, & surfactants. 

Our certified organic soap bars are made from pure plant oils, pure essential oils, & plant extracts. They soothe & nourish skin, and keep skin healthy & non-irritated. Tate Naturals develops products that empower people to take care of themselves. Our products encourage overall health and well-being. USA made.

How can I pay? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal. 

I'm so excited about my order! When will I receive it? On average, you will receive it in 3-5 business days. Orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS.

How do I track my package online? Upon shipment, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number. 

Where do you ship from? Tate Naturals ships from Washington State.

Where do you ship? We ship to all 50 states in the continental US. We also ship internationally.

What is the significance of the Tate Naturals name? Tate Naturals is named for the British name "Tate", meaning happy. The green British countryside of our Founder's ancestry is real goodness. Our "daily products" principle is about "happy goodness of nature".™

Where are Tate Naturals products made? Made in the USA. Run in small batches with certified organic & all-natural ingredients. 

What is the the primary use of Tate Naturals soap bars? They are great for any skin type; for body, face, & hands. They are great as your face cleanser! even for sensitive skin- and will not irritate or aggravate skin. Enjoy the refreshing scents from natural pure essential oils.

Are Tate Naturals soaps safe for children? They are for anyone in the family. They are mild and safe for children, and for those with sensitive skin. 

Do you hand-make your organic soaps? No, we do not hand-make our organic soap bars ourselves. We have an organic certified USA manufacturer that makes all our soaps to our custom blend specifications. Enjoy! Our organic soap bars are the absolute best!

Are sulfates & surfactants used in Tate Naturals soaps? No, we do not use sulfates or surfactants in our soaps, which dry out skin- causing skin irritation.

"Sulfates" or SLS (sodium laurel sulfates) and "Surfactants" are added to many soaps to increase lather. We don't use any sulfates or surfactants. Instead, we make our soap from organic plant oils that DOES NOT DEPEND ON SURFACTANTS FOR LATHER. The oils are balanced for a full lather that is completely natural.

Why do sulfates, surfactants, fragrances, and dyes dry out skin, which in turn, can cause skin irritation? The short answer is that it is because they are all chemically derived. The chemicals are artificially made to create a fragrance that, for example, smells like a strawberry. The artificial fragrance can irritate and aggravate skin. Tate Naturals products do not contain sulfates, surfactants, fragrances, dyes, or anything artificial.

What is the soap base made of? Our soap base is made from organic plant oils like coconut oil and sunflower oil that are nourishing and soothing to skin. There are NO sulfates or surfactants.

What do fatty acids have to do with glycerol? Fatty acids are naturally occurring in oils, and come from triglycerides. A triglyceride is made up of 3 fatty adds and a "glycerol" (a glycerin). Fatty acids are made up of links of carbon atoms with the glycerin base. This glycerol backbone is central to all triglycerides. 

In the saponification process of making soap, the triglyceride undergoes a reaction, separating the fatty acids from the glycerol- resulting in the soap & glycerin. (Tate Naturals soap bars are made from organic plant oils and the natural fatty acids they contain.)

I am looking for a soap with glycerin- do Tate Naturals soaps contain glycerin? Yes, our soaps contain glycerin. Glycerin is a natural part of the plant-based oils used in our soaps. And we don't extract glycerin out of our soaps for selling separately. We leave it in, for the soothing & moisturizing qualities it provides.

Our soaps are different from "clear glycerin soaps" because they are not transparent. "Clear glycerin soaps" have a sugar-alcohol compound that is added to make soap transparency, which is drying to skin.

I have tried "Doctor recommended" soaps for sensitive skin and eczema. Will Tate Naturals soaps help? "Doctor recommended" soaps that contain many chemicals often irritate skin. Synthetic ingredients can aggravate skin and make existing skin problems such as eczema worse. We, at Tate Naturals know there is a better way. Our soaps are free of chemicals. Most people find that when they use our soap bars that have soothing & nourishing plant oils as the base, with no synthetic ingredients- that their skin improves. We use only certified organic plant oils grown and produced using high levels of sustainability. For all skin types - helpful for eczema, skin irritations, acne. Helps skin normalize - relieving itchy, uncomfortable, and dry skin.

Hmm, I still have more questions- You may email us at with any questions you have.